• 1931

    Sir Wilson Jameson appointed first Dean of LSHTM

  • 1931

    Major Greenwood, Professor of Epidemiology and Vital Statistics gives a speech on the ambitions of the School at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA)

  • 1933

    Dame Cicely Williams recognises kwashiorkor as a disease

  • 1934

    HRH The Prince of Wales becomes patron of LSHTM

  • 1934

    The Ross Institute is incorporated into LSHTM and its hospital becomes the Ross Ward of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases

  • 1935

    Research into the bacterial grading and pasteurisation of milk by Sir Graham Wilson is published

  • 1936

    Major Leeson leads an expedition to East Africa to research malaria

  • 1937

    HM King George VI becomes patron of LSHTM

  • 1939

    Outbreak of the Second World War